How to manage health by age group

How to manage health by age group

ay is the month of the family, filled with the scent of spring and overflowing with love between family members. Sometimes the fickle weather makes us frown, but seeing the children receiving Children’s Day gifts and the parents receiving carnations puts a smile on our faces. In order to spend these small days full of happiness and joy, the most important thing we need is health.

Which this month posted topic ‘health ‘ , starting with respect to the children busy and tough days without you I want to see You and to get the mental and physical health in time to learn about how to manage according to age to the elderly.

Children’s health care

The health of children, whose immune system is not yet fully developed, is more affected by factors such as season and weather compared to adults. It is for this reason that we often see child patients in hospitals during cold season. One of the things that experts emphasize among children’s health care in the changing season is to control the appropriate temperature and humidity .

In order to strengthen immunity to prevent colds, it is good to create a living environment that adapts to nature as much as possible and adapts to nature as much as possible when it is cold or hot when it is cold. This is because excessive heating or cooling that is out of season can disturb the immune system . In particular, when children sleep, it is recommended to maintain a temperature of 20 to 22 degrees Celsius so that the bronchial tubes are not exposed to cold air, and it is helpful to maintain a humidity of 50% .

Also, it is said to be a good way to drink warm water frequently as the respiratory mucosa dries and bacteria or viruses can penetrate . Actually, these contents are helpful not only for children but also for adults, but considering the completeness of the immune system, I think it is a more important lifestyle for children.

For children, not only their physical health, but also their mental health is very important . In particular, the need for mental health management is increasing these days, where stimulating and harmful content can be easily accessed through various media such as smartphones, computers, and TVs.

According to a study conducted by the Korean Academy of Pediatric Psychiatry, the most common mental disorder among Korean children is oppositional defiant disorder, followed by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). If these mental disorders are left unattended, behavioral disorders and delinquency problems can occur during growth, and suicide intentions and plans in adolescence are more than three times higher than those of normal adolescents. In addition, childhood mental health management is particularly important because it is highly likely to lead to chronic mental disorders such as gaming addiction and alcoholism.

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) also announced guidelines that limit the time of smartphone use from infancy and infancy, supporting these findings. It would be desirable for parents to be aware of these facts and to help children who are relatively uncontrollable.

Adolescent health care

Health care in adolescence is just as important as in childhood. In particular, it is a period of mental weakness due to schoolwork and problems of the opposite sex, and since it is the process of physically becoming an adult, proper health management is a great help in preventing various diseases as an adult.

First, I will introduce the health management method for adolescents recommended by the World Health Organization.

First of all, it is important to develop physical strength as much as possible through regular exercise . It is to improve bone density and develop cartilage and muscles through various and vigorous physical activities to make a strong body and prevent easy injuries. In addition, it helps to prevent obesity and adult diseases by increasing basal metabolic rate, and can play a big role in maintaining normal blood pressure while lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, the reality is that such an environment is not provided for Korean youths. Now that our goal is to be faithful to our studies and enter the university of our choice, it is necessary at the national level to prepare an institutional device for the health management of youth.

Next, I would like to briefly introduce the diseases that Korean adolescents are suffering from recently. According to a research team at Seoul Medical University, about 17% of Korean adolescents suffer from noise-induced hearing loss .

This is analyzed as a phenomenon that appears due to not only living noise such as traffic and city noise, but also audio equipment such as earphones and headsets, which students use frequently and for a long time, and excessive use of PC rooms. If you have high-frequency hearing loss due to these causes, there is almost no treatment, so you need to be especially careful. Therefore, it is said that it is good for ear health to avoid exposure to noise as much as possible, so that Korean adolescents who are frequently exposed to sound devices should take an appropriate hearing break and keep the sound level at about 60% of the maximum volume while listening to music or movies.

Youth health management

This time, let’s take a look at how to manage the health of young people, which are generally considered to be the most healthy. Although it is true that the body’s overall immune system is complete and we are the most physically healthy generation, it is a time when we can experience many stresses at the same time due to school, employment, work life, and marriage problems. An increasing number of young people are suffering from various diseases, such as drinking, smoking, lack of physical exercise, excessive intake of energy fat, and obesity without relieving such stress in a healthy way.

Therefore, experts are actively recommending the most basic lifestyle rules , such as maintaining an appropriate sleep time, regular exercise and maintaining an appropriate weight, and moderate drinking and smoking . In particular, in the case of people in their twenties, it is important to lay the foundation for health care, as the above problems do not cause immediate bodily reactions and lead to high-risk diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia over a long period of time. In the past, health checkups were mainly considered for the elderly, but it is recommended that young people also check their physical health through regular health check-ups after they become adults so that they can prepare for treatment in advance.

Health care for the elderly

The following is an introduction to health care methods for the elderly. Humans, like all living things, get weak when they get old, and live with worries about disease and death. It is also easily infected with colds that are prevalent in the changing seasons of spring, such as these days, and when left unattended, it can lead to pneumonia in severe cases. In addition, in the case of herpes zoster, which occurs when the body’s immune system is weakened, it is necessary to prepare for the decline in immunity to the extent that the elderly in their 60s or older account for 30% of the total number of patients. As mentioned above, it is difficult for young people to engage in relatively vigorous physical activity and their physical strength declines easily, so vaccination against immune diseases such as flu, pneumonia, and shingles may be a good option.

Old age is a period of physical weakness, aging, retirement and children’s marriage, and feeling depressed because of the empty seats of family and friends who are leaving one by one. According to the announcement by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, 1 in 5 elderly Koreans feel depressed, and this is the cause of the disgraceful and heartbreaking fact that the elderly suicide rate is the highest among OECD countries, making our society sick. Therefore , it can be of great help to bask in the sun for more than a certain amount of time, meet with family and friends frequently, and try new exercises or activities . If the symptoms of geriatric depression have already appeared, it is desirable to notify the family and receive both mental and physical treatment through a hospital.

As I was writing the manuscript on the topic of this post, my heart became heavy as I searched for the contents of the last health care of the elderly. At this time when thorough health management is more urgent than any other age, many elderly people who are feeling depressed think that they are a huge burden on their family, friends and society.

Serious aging due to prolonged lifespan and continued low birthrate is a problem that we must solve, but it is also important to restore the self-esteem of the elderly and create an environment where they can play a good role as a member of our society and senior in life. is a must do. And maybe such a healthy society is the precious seed that leads all of us to live a happy life.


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