5 daily diet tips

5 daily diet tips

The cold wind is blowing and the time has come to put on your clothes. The sky is high, and we are getting fat! But now is also a good time to lose weight.

Excessive dieting can harm your health during the changing seasons, so reducing the amount of food little by little is one way. It would be great if you could feel full even if you eat less. Let’s take a look at the advice of experts from the American health professional site ‘Health.com’.

Let’s create an atmosphere

I often eat with TV or YouTube on when I eat alone. It is not a good habit to eat without chewing properly because you are so absorbed in watching the video.

Even if it’s a little annoying, it’s good to set the table properly and eat it. If you turn the lights down a bit and focus on your meal, you can eat slowly while feeling the taste of the food. 

Before eating, drink a glass of water!

Drinking a glass of water before eating can help relieve hunger.

If you eat while you are hungry, you will eat in a hurry. Drinking 500mg of water before a meal can prevent overeating.

the importance of bowls

Did you know that the color and shape of your bowl affects your appetite? The amount of food you eat depends on the color of the plate and the size of the bowl.

If you want to reduce overeating, it is recommended that you use a plate that contrasts with the color of the food. Serve large salad plates, small bread plates, and white bowls for red dishes. 

let’s eat vegetables

The reality is that busy modern people are looking for food that they can eat quickly, so they consume less vegetables. It is difficult to eat a salad separately every time, so try adding vegetables to your daily diet.

Don Jackson Blatner, author of The Flexitarian Diet, recommends switching to vegetables as the main ingredient in your dishes. Paninis with eggplant and sandwiches with spinach are also delicious. One way is to eat a lot of vegetables, etc.

Snacks on the go

After three or four hours of eating lunch, you gradually become hungry. It’s an early vague time to have a proper dinner.

When that happens, it’s good to eat simple snacks like almonds, oranges, pistachios, or a piece of chocolate. It is low in calories, provides nutrition, and can quench hunger.


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