30 rocket launches per year… Space X, a new history ahead

30 rocket launches per year… Space X, a new history ahead

Elon Musk, who overcame Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin to win the right to develop a lunar lander, will set a new record in launching a space rocket this year. SpaceX, an American space development company led by Musk, broke the record for the number of rocket launches in a year.SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket carrying 50 satellites, including 48 low-orbit Internet satellites, Starlink, from the Cape Canaveral Space Force Base in Florida on the 2nd. This is SpaceX’s 27th space rocket launch this year, surpassing the previous record of 26 in 2020. 27 is equivalent to 22% of the 122 rocket launches around the world this year.SpaceX plans to launch three more Falcon 9s from Florida this year. On the 9th, the NASA astronomical observation satellite, the Turkish communication satellite on the 18th, and the cargo spacecraft going to the International Space Station on the 21st will be loaded into space.

The Falcon 9 B1051 awaits its 10th launch in May. web broadcast captureAfter launch, the rocket recovery success rate exceeds 90%Then, at the end of December, there is a possibility that another Starlink satellite will be launched from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. However, the launch date not confirmed yet. In particular, for the first time ever, the 11th reusable rocket (B1051) will be used for this launch. Musk had previously aimed to reuse the Falcon 9 10 times, and if this launch is successful, it will exceed the target. First launched in March 2019, seven of the 10 missions the rocket has performed so far have been Starlink satellite launches.If the SpaceX rocket is launched as planned, the number of rocket launches this year will exceed 30 for the first time. This is equivalent to launching a rocket once every 12 days this year.SpaceX uses reusable rockets, not new ones, to launch Starlink. The Falcon 9 rocket (B1060), which recently launched a Starlink satellite, is also a reusable rocket, and this was the ninth space mission. The rocket returned safely to the Atlantic Ocean about nine minutes after launch, ready for the 10th launch.The recovery rate of SpaceX’s rocket’s first stage propellant reached 90%. I tried 107 times and succeeded 96 times. Block 5, the latest improved version of the Falcon 9 currently in use, succeeded 72 times out of 77 attempts, with a success rate of over 93%.

The first Starlink satellite orbited in May 2019. Provided by SpaceXWhen Starship is completed, hundreds of satellites will be launched at onceStarlink has launched 32 satellites since May 2019. This brings the number of Starlink satellites into orbit to 1,892. Of these, 1732 are currently in operation.SpaceX plans to put 12,000 Starlink satellites into orbit by 2027 to build a low-orbit satellite internet network covering the entire world. For this purpose, since May of this year, Starlink with laser communication function has been launched. The laser communication satellite enables inter-satellite communication, which reduces the number of ground stations as well as reduces the need for communication between satellites and ground stations, thereby reducing waiting time.

Starship prototype under construction at Starbase, the SpaceX launch site in Boca Chica, Texas. musk twitterWhen the next-generation rocket starship currently under development is completed, SpaceX plans to use the starship to launch hundreds of Starlink satellites at a time. Musk attended a meeting of the National Academy of Sciences and Technology last month and announced that he plans to start official orbital flights in 2023 after making up to 12 test flights a year, starting with the first orbital flight in January and February next year. He also tweeted on the 3rd that he had begun building a launch pad for Starship off the coast of Florida.Starting with North America in the second half of last year, SpaceX is currently conducting a Starlink pilot service in 21 countries. According to a report the company submitted to the Federal Communications Commission in November, it has 140,000 users and 750,000 reservations. SpaceX changed the antenna for satellite internet from an early round dish to a rectangular dish recently.


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